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Skin Discoloration

Anti-aging, Skin Discoloration  System  Erases Aging signs, regenerates, prevents aging, erases age spots and  tones


1.  ClearVelveT Skin Glow  Complexion
    Therapy  bar

2. Clear VelveT Fade Enhancer

3.  ClearVelveT  Multi-Action Anti-Aging, 
     Fade, Tone Cream

4.  Mushroom Complexion Brush and
    other skin exfoliating  accessories

 $29.45 per system  

Individual Items:


 Clear VelveT Skin Glow, Complexion Therapy  Bar

ClearVelveT (Alpha Glycol), Fade Enhancer 1 oz.
  $ 13.11



   ClearVelveT  Multi-Action Anti-aging, Fade,  Tone Cream $12.10   

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